Say hello to Odd Society!

It started a year ago with a dream to build something where the heart was as crucial as the mind. Many iterations, ideas and challenges later, our dream has become a reality and we call it Odd Society!

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Odd Society belongs to the new generation of agencies, that draws its strength from the independent creatives, thinkers and makers all over the Nordics. Our small core size makes us agile, flexible and cost-efficient. However, our whole idea is to connect the best people we know to our projects when needed. We will be able to scale up and down quickly to make sure the projects are being developed in the best way possible.

The power of collaboration and coaching

Radical collaboration is at the heart of our methodology, meaning we understand that our clients have insights into their business that no agency can ever compete with. However, we help them make the most of those insights by challenging them, advising them and co-creating with them. To do that you need to have an ongoing dialogue and build a fundamental trust.

The recipe to success is a relationship that goes beyond the traditional client/agency dynamics.

The idea that a single person or a duo of creatives is enough to create big, exciting ideas with business value is a dangerous one. It leaves an organisation in a vulnerable state because it’s then up to a few individuals to create change. However, if you unlock the creative force within the whole organisation, ideas become more relevant, easier to implement, and it grows the culture. We help companies do that through creative coaching.

The ever-changing world requires new rules and ways in which we communicate. As science, culture and perceptions develop and shift, not only do we need to adapt, but we need to understand and anticipate the next move. The only way to do that is to work differently to what has become the norm. We need to build teams around the challenges of our clients rather than to shape briefs around the given expertise of an agency.

The Team

The core team and co-founders, Christopher Waldekrantz and Jone Fjellstad, has over twenty years of communication experience together.

Christopher Waldekrantz is an expert in creative innovation and creative coaching, with several years as an awarded Art Director and tutor. Before co-founding Odd Society, he worked as Program Director and Creative Director at the renowned Berghs School Of Communication in Stockholm, where he still functions as Marketing Director. Christopher has also worked for agencies such as R/GA, Droga5, and Futerra.

Jone Fjellstad is an awarded designer, art director and creative director with a background in strategic design, advertising and digital design at agencies such as Rayon, POL, and Knowhow, and has for the past eight years owned his own agency.

If you want to collaborate with us either as an independent or as a company, send us an email and let’s take a coffee!