Camp Maverick – a future leader program facilitated by Odd Society.

In August 2019 we helped organize and facilitate a five-day leadership program for Nordic Hotels & Resorts. Bettina Norstein, Head of Projects and Communication at NH&R, shares her experience of Camp Maverick.

How come you wanted to create an internal leadership program for members of the NHR management team?

Bettina Norstein

Nordic Hotels and Resorts have the vision to enrich their guests with long-lasting impressions through experiences of great variety, personality and tactility. To succeed, we need leaders who can think differently and find new solutions to old problems. Our goal with Camp Maverick was to handpick talent from our hotels and educate them on what we consider to be essential leadership skills for NHR leaders. 

Why did you choose to collaborate with Odd Society?

When planning the outline of Camp Maverick, it became apparent that external expertise would be necessary to deliver training at the desired level. After briefing Christopher on our plans in an initial meeting, it became evident that knowledge, skills and personalities aligned across Odd Society and NH&R and that he’d be the perfect external facilitator for the job. 

How was the program structured? 

We had five days to fill with content. Every day started with a 7 am walk with a new conversation partner. From 9-5 every day had a new theme. Day one was about leadership, day two – storytelling, day 3, we talked and workshopped around the subject of presentation techniques. Day 4 was an intense day with a focus on Design Thinking. On the fifth and last day, we gathered everyone to present a project that summarised the learnings of the rest of the week.

What were the elements that stood out for you/ that was extra valuable?

Christopher’s role throughout the week was a central factor in the success of the program. His knowledge of creative processes, his ability to think on the go and adjust the program to the ebb and flow of the group made a big difference. The participants of the program also boasted on his ability to see individuals, give constructive feedback and facilitate a top-notch week. 

How will you continue the leadership training in the future? 

Right now we’re focusing on following up the participants of this years summit, evaluating learnings and seeing how Camp Maverick can be altered to be even better in the future. A 2020 edition of the camp is definitely on the books, and we’re excited to see how it turns out. 

The full list of speakers:

Leadership: Trond Bastiansen, COO Nordic Hotels Resorts
Trend forecast: Siri Løning, Director of Brand and PR Sommerro
Brand Storytelling: Wilhelm Hartwig, CEO Amerikalinjen
Growth Marketing: Rickard Amidani, Commercial Director Stenungsbaden
Presentation technique: Lisa Nilsson Sandren, Spik Produktion
Design Thinking: Christopher Waldekrantz, Odd Society
Facilitators throughout the week: Bettina Norstein, Christopher Waldekrantz

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