Odd Society is a strategic design agency that helps brands increase revenue, awareness and build stronger relationships with people. We do this through design, strategy, and by shaping culture.

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RÅ ORGANIC SKINCARE  is a skin care line produced on the rugged, weather-beaten west coast of Norway. We created a powerful new concept and a visual identity for the brand including a new logo, product naming, packaging and overall branding. An important detail in the identity consists of the detailed and handcrafted wood prints, made together with the artist Andreas Evensen. In collaboration with Comte Bureau we made their new concept store located in Sandvika Storsenter. Photo: ANTI

ISTID is one of Copenhagen’s most famous ice cream shops, and the brand has been around for about six years. Their speciality is nitrogen frozen organic ice cream, all organic, of course. We designed their retail experience – from seating solutions, decor, furniture, to counter, menus and facade.

ELIXIR COSMECEUTICALS No face is like another. The skincare industry often talks about perfection and youth. The truth is, no one has a perfect face. We all have pores, wrinkles, pigmentations and sometimes acne or blackheads. So when we were challenged to create a brand film for the cosmeceutical brand Elixir Cosmeceuticals, we wanted to show the beauty of imperfections. The result was a film based on a celebratory script honoring the beauty that is the human face.

ELIXIR COSMECEUTICALS and Odd Society have developed a long-lasting relationship, that over time have resulted in increased sales, more significant market share and stronger brand awareness. Our work with them includes brand strategy, growth strategy, product design, website design, and communication assets.

NORDIC HOTELS & RESORTS is a collection of hotels and resorts for the guest who seeks a unique experience, be it for business or leisure. Each hotel strives towards a clear brand image and a strong, independent identity. We created their visual identity including logo, color scheme, website and communication assets.

NOVARE  is a group of companies covering expertise in most areas wihtin Human Resources. Each of the companies specialises in different areas, and together they can offer their clients expertise on all things regarding employees and professional development. The challenge was to create a new brand identity while at the same time keep some aspects of the old one. Together with the client we decided to keep the old logo in the new logo. We developed a new layer and named it ”The Human Layer”. It symbolises the two worlds in which Novare operate – the systemic and the humane.