By combining cosmetic skin care with pharmaceutical ingredients, Elixir Cosmeceuticals provide the most effective skin care on the market. While most skincare brands talk about beauty and youth and how to obtain that, Elixir talks about the results and the science behind them.

Our challenge was to help establish a new, small skincare brand on a saturated market with limited marketing resources.

The solution was to create a brand platform and brand strategy that focuses on what Elixir does best, delivering measurable results.

As a part of being genuine and real, we wanted to use real people and their actual results in everything from marketing to content, creating an ongoing dialogue with the end user. Hudhistorier “Skin stories” has become the backbone in Elixir’s communication.

Parts of the brand strategy is to make sure the end user is getting the right product for him or her. Therefore we developed the Digital Skin Analysis Tool, an online algorithm that functions as a virtual skin care consultation.

Odd Society and Elixir Cosmeceuticals have developed a long-lasting relationship, that over time have resulted in increased sales, more significant market share and stronger brand awareness.

Our work with them includes brand strategy, growth strategy, product design, website design, and communication assets. We recently developed an online course module for their resellers to undertake as part of their certification, making the training of resellers much more efficient, reliable and standardised than before.