Odd Society helps businesses increase revenue, brand awareness, and forge stronger bonds to their customers, through brand design and Performance Coaching. 

Our services

Brand Design

Let’s make brands personal. It is the key to bringing a company, organization, or idea to life through form, voice and texture. With a design thinking approach we go from something intellectual and complex to something functional and relatable. Brand design includes the following:

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development

Creative Direction

Digital Design

Graphic Design

Visual Identity

Brand Strategy

Strategy is the fundamental ingredient in value adding creativity. Without it, creative ideas can easily become banal storytelling, but with a strategic base you can arch your creative bow higher than ever. Culture, empathy and focus are the key aspects of understanding who you talk to and why. Our strategic approach is based on the 5S method of powerful questions found in coaching. It’s all about getting to the core of a problem and solving that, rather than the symptoms.

We tailor make creative and strategic workshops according to your needs.

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Odd Society

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Odd Society belongs to the new generation of agencies, that draws its strength from the independent creatives, thinkers and doers all over the Nordics. Our areas of expertise are brand design, strategy and creative coaching.

We’ve worked as jurors for international advertising competitions, won some awards ourselves and have held several talks on creative innovation, design and creative coaching for small companies and Fortune 500 giants.

The Society

We call them citizens

Our mission is to create wonderful, beautiful, intriguing, simple, emotional, powerful, fashionable, complex, intuitive, structural, nice things. And in order to do that, we always look to expand our network of thinkers, doers, creatives, nerds, strategists, and challengers. Just about anyone who is excellent at something has a place within our society. Because to make wonderful, beautiful, intriguing, simple, emotional, powerful, fashionable, complex, intuitive, structural, nice things, we all need to think outside the circle.

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Performance Coaching

We don’t believe in the ”creative genius”. We know that creative momentum is gained by adding trust, curiosity and tools. Performance coaching is all about helping you become better at identifying dormant skills that already exist within the organisation, to develop those skills, and use them to grow your business. Learn more about Performance Coaching here.