Odd Society is a strategic design agency that helps brands increase revenue, awareness, and build stronger relationships with people. We do this through design, strategy, and by shaping culture.

👁️ Brand Design

Let’s make brands personal! It is the key to bringing a company, organization, or idea to life through form, voice and texture.

With a design thinking approach we go from something intellectual and complex to something functional, relatable and most importantly – loved.

📈 Brand Strategy

Strategy is the fundamental ingredient in value adding creativity. Without it, creative ideas can easily become banal storytelling, but with a strategic base you can arch your creative bow higher than ever. Culture, empathy and focus are the key aspects of understanding who you talk to and why.

Our strategic approach is based on the 5S method of powerful questions found in coaching. It’s all about getting to the core of a problem and solving that, rather than the symptoms.

❤️ Brand Culture

A brand is nothing without the people behind it. Brand culture is the DNA of a brand, and it sums up the values and purposes that shape every brand experience and interaction.

It is the thing that makes employees proud and turns customers into ambassadors. 

💁‍♀️ So. What can we do for you?

– Develop your brand identity
– Coach your leadership
– Shape your marketing and communication strategy
– Create content that converts
– Facilitate change