Istid is one of Copenhagen’s most famous ice cream shops, and the brand has been around for about five years. Their speciality is nitrogen frozen organic ice cream, all organic, of course. 

When they decided to build their 120 m2 flagship store in Nordhavn, a newly developed part of town, they teamed up with us at Odd Society for the interior design and retail experience. 

Our task was to design the entire customer experience – from seating solutions, decor, furniture, to counter, menus and facade. 

The Istid experience is unique. The on-order production of ice cream is a thing of magic as the nitrogen create a visual spectacle that will mesmerize children as well as adults. That was the starting point for us in this project. The space itself needed to reflect the joyful, playful nature of  Istid in every detail. 

Apart from serving delicious ice cream, their flagship store also functions as an event space and pop up restaurant for Copenhagen’s foodie scene. It was, therefore, crucial for the space to be modular so that the staff easily can rearrange the setup to fit all the different needs, settings and moods.