History is individually experienced yet fuses together to create our shared story. A shared story that shapes us, our outlook, our societies and our world. And without representation of our history, it’s easy to dismiss us.

The fight for equal rights is not over – and to win it, we need to be stronger than just one generation. And that is what this project is all about.

We want to shed light on the fact that generations before us have put in the hard work needed to create change. And that we, as LGBTQI+, have to continue the momentum into the future for coming generations.

A campaign like this requires many people. GANT allowed us to chose the people working on the campaign, so most of us are members of the community. From photographer to film-maker to sound engineer and casting director. For us, that is huge! We are telling our story from our perspective, making this a dream project.

A big thank you to Kai, Steve, Gigi, Denzel and Charlie for sharing their stories! And to Cogs Creative for putting GANT in contact with us.

Photo: Jacqueline Landvik
Film: Palmer Lydebrant
Styling/Casting: Nicole Walker
Interviewer: Jimmy Gou
Illustration: Mil Imeraj
Sound: Tobias Kagelind